Sponsors Will Pay for Your PR

21 Oct 2013 9:36 AM | Anonymous

Hundreds of authors, speakers, consultants and experts who target niches are teaming up with major corporate and nonprofit sponsors to deliver a message that resonates with a much bigger audience.

This year, I met Dona Storey when I spoke at the Virginia chapter of the National Speakers Association. She's a consultant who works with publicly traded global corporations that want to do business with the U.S. government. Dona called this week to let me know she was in Milwaukee to speak on behalf of the American Express OPEN Small Business program.

That sponsorship gig helps her get additional media coverage when journalists want an expert who can offer commentary on topics such as the recent government shutdown. She told me her phone has been ringing all week from top-tier media outlets that want her comments on the mess in Washington, D.C.

Brendon Burchard, an author and speaker, has partnered with established organizations like Sony, the YMCA, Wachovia, Walmart, Kiwanis, Coca-Cola, Toyota, US Bank and Junior Achievement. When your name is linked with theirs, he says, you have borrowed credibility.

Brendon taps into their huge marketing budgets, giant email lists, consumer research, marketing staffs and their easily recognizable names. It took him two years to figure out how to crack the protective shell of some of those organizations and reach the right people who could help him. If you can find the right partner, he insists, they can pay for YOUR public relations program.

As a result of his corporate sponsors, he has gotten onto ABC World News, Oprah & Friends, National Public Radio and 63 major radio stations. Many of his corporate partners pay their PR firms or use internal PR staff to get him media exposure.

Want to know how he does it?

Brendon will be a guest on Steve Harrison's free teleseminar on "How to Get Major Companies and Nonprofits to Sponsor the Promotion of Your Book, Product or Service" at 2 and 7 p.m. Eastern Time this Thursday, Oct. 24. Register for the free call.

I'm a compensated affiliate for Steve's program but that's not the only reason I'm promoting this. A corporate sponsorship can bring you so much more success than you could possible find on your own.

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